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Helpful Tips For Storing Home Appliances

Storage units provide you with added space to house items you don't use on a daily basis. If you are in the process of moving to a new location or building a new home, you may find yourself in need of a place to store your home appliances.

A secure storage unit can keep these items safe, but you must take the proper steps to prepare your appliances for long-term storage. Use these tips to ensure your stored appliances work properly after installation.


A dishwasher can significantly reduce the amount of time that you spend in the kitchen each day. Storing a dishwasher can be a great way to keep the appliance protected from the elements while it awaits installation in your new home.

The most important thing you can do to prepare your dishwasher for storage is to give the appliance a thorough cleaning.

Any soap scum, food residue, or other contaminants that are left in the dishwasher can rot over time. This will leave a horrible smell in your dishwasher and negatively affect the way the dishwasher cleans.

Fortunately, you only have to place a cup of vinegar on the top rack of your dishwasher and run the appliance on the hottest cycle to give it a thorough cleaning.


Refrigerators are another type of home appliance commonly stored in storage units. Your refrigerator should be cleaned both inside and outside with warm water and a mild detergent before you place it in storage.

It's important that you invest in a storage unit large enough to allow your refrigerator to stand upright. Laying a refrigerator on its side or back for a long period of time can lead to a number of performance problems.

The oil compressor can leak and clog up refrigerant lines, the weight of the refrigerator could damage internal components, or the interior glass shelves could break. Storing your refrigerator upright will prevent these issues.

Washing Machine

If you need to put your washing machine in a storage unit, you want to be sure that you choose a unit that is climate-controlled.

A steady temperature and humidity level inside the storage unit will prevent your washing machine from sustaining any serious damage over time.

It can be helpful to leave the door to the wash drum open while your washing machine is being stored. This allows air to circulate throughout the washing machine to prevent mold or mildew from forming.