Planning a Successful Move

Three Ways To Help Your Movers On Moving Day

The better prepared you are for moving day the more smoothly the day goes. It is important to remember that house moving preparation must cover pre-move, moving day, and then unpacking at your new home. The actual moving day often goes by in a whirlwind of activity, However, you must take steps to ensure your movers can do their job easily and efficiently. Here are three steps you can take which are helpful to your movers on moving day.

Remove Animals From Property

Domestic pets are gorgeous, but they are also an accident waiting to happen on moving day. Not only are roaming cats and dogs a trip hazard for everyone in your home but with doors being open to allow the movement of your belongings, there is also the potential for them to escape. Make an appointment for your domestic pets to visit a local boarding kennel the night before the move takes place and then collect them and transport them to your new home the day after moving day. This step allows your pets to remain safely out of harm's way and also gives your movers one less hazard in the home.

Label Everything

You must label all boxes to help your movers to identify what goes where once they arrive at your new home. A black marker is an easy way to label boxes but when it comes to furniture, consider using colored sticky dots to identify which room each piece of furniture belongs to. You can create a legend identifying which color belongs to each room and place this on the front door of your new home so that the movers can efficiently move each item without confusion or hesitation.

Be Visible But Distant

Your movers know how to pack the truck quickly and effectively, so they take the lead on moving day for getting this task done. They may have questions regarding your belongings and will seek your advice at times, so the best way to help your movers is to be available to answer these questions without getting in their way. Ask your movers what you can do to be of assistance while the loading process is done, but if no help is required then pick a spot where you can watch the proceedings without being underfoot.

These three steps are an ideal way to make sure your movers get your belongings onto the truck and on their way to your new home with a minimum of fuss.