Planning a Successful Move

Finding Top Notch Storage Facilities

Putting your belongings in a storage unit takes a lot of faith in the storage facilities, and the facility manager. You want the very best storage facility, but you do not want it to spread you to thin financially. There are a few things that you can do that will make your experience a much more pleasant one. Here are a few different ways that you can ensure that your belongings are well taken care of while they are being stored, and how you can make sure you are not surprised by hidden fees.

Water Damage

One thing that can cause a lot of damage to your items is water. Water can come from heavy rainfall, or it can come from flooding. When you are looking at potential storage units, look at the sealing to see if any of the rainwater is coming through holes in the ceiling and walls. You will usually be able to notice rust and other water stains on the ceiling. On the ground, look for a storage unit that has a good vertical step up into the unit. Usually these steps only need to be a few inches. This will help protect your items if there is a small flood in the area. Remember that nothing is completely weather proof. A massive flood or a hurricane will damage everything, but a simple rainstorm should not penetrate the storage unit.


Another problem that many people worry about when they are storing their items are little pests. Insects and rodents would love to make their home in a couch or other furniture. Inspect the storage unit and look for rodent fecal pellets, and be sure to look for insects. There is nothing wrong with getting down on the ground and inspecting the floor and corners very closely. Most storage unit facilities will spray for all types of pests, so you should not have to worry about pests.

Talk To Management

You want to take the time to communicate with the management of the storage facility. You want to know exactly what the rates are, and know if there are any other fees besides the monthly fee. Take a look at the contract, and be sure to read it very carefully. You do not want any surprises when you are storing your belongings. This is also a very good time to talk about pest control, security measures, and give the manager the opportunity to show you that the storage facilities are top notch.

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