Planning a Successful Move

Simplify Your Move By Getting Rid Of Things You Do Not Need

One benefit of moving to a new house is the way a move forces you to go through everything you own. If you never move, there is a good chance you will keep accumulating things over the years and rarely get rid of anything. If you want to simplify your upcoming move, you should really consider getting rid of everything you do not need or use. Here are some things that you should consider getting rid of as you plan your move.

Duplicate Items

Duplicate items are things you have more than one of. For example, did you purchase a new blender a few years back because you thought your current one was about shot? If the current one is still working, you should get rid of it and bring only the new one to your house. You do not need two of most items like this, and this is a great place to start as you begin packing your house.

Things You Haven't Looked At In Years

If you have lived in your home for a year or 10 years, there may be boxes of things you have that you have never opened since you lived in your home. While there might be a few things in these boxes that you really would like to keep, like old memorabilia from your grandparent, there is a good chance that you really do not need most of the things. As you prepare to move, look through these old boxes and get rid of as much stuff as you possibly can.

Clothes You Have Not Put On In The Last Year

While you may never be able to find anything good to wear, you probably have an entire closet and dresser full of clothing. If you do not wear the items, why keep them? Rather than keeping these items that you do not wear, why not sell them or donate them to a good cause? This is a great way to reduce the amount of stuff you will have to move on moving day.

Projects You Planned On Completing

Are you the type of person that has a variety of different supplies and items in your home or garage that you planned on using for projects? Projects are fun and great to do, but the parts and supplies needed for them can take up a lot of space. In addition, you may never even get time to complete them, so moving them will be a waste of time, space, and effort. If you really like completing projects, you could always find some different ones to complete after you move to your new house.

Towels And Linens

Another good area to sift through as you try to determine what to get rid of is your linen closets. Towels and linens are necessary for a home, but these items can wear out and become discolored over time. If your towels are old, ripped, or stained, you should consider getting rid of them. As you clean these areas out, consider getting rid of old bath and personal hygiene products too. If you have half-full bottles of shampoo shoved under your sink, pitch them. You will never miss these types of items, and you will probably never use them if you brought them with to your new home.

Sifting through every closet, nook, and cranny in your home is a great way to really declutter and eliminate things from your home to reduce the amount of stuff you must move. If you need help with your move, you can get assistance by calling a local movers