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3 Things You Need To Know About Storing Your Items

Storing your items in long-term storage can be hard for many people. They might be worried about their items being ruined or getting damaged. This is a valid concern, and if you are not careful you can easily harm your furniture and precious items that you put in storage if you don't do it correctly. Here are some things that you should know about putting your things in storage.

1.  Prop Things Up and Off The Ground

You shouldn't ever put your furniture or boxes with valuable items directly on the ground. The reason for this is that they need to have air circulating through. The ground is likely to become cold or hot based on the temperature outside. Without the ability to have air pass through it is likely that the extreme temperatures could harm the items. In addition, they are less likely to mold or have problems if there is air.

This is why you should take cinder blocks, or some sort of contraption that will keep air circulating through the bottom of the items.

2. Cover The Items

Second, you should cover all of the items. Don't wrap them tightly in plastic since that will cause the items to crack or mold. Once again they need air to pass through and touch all the surfaces. But if you don't cover them you are likely to get dust an dirt on the surfaces. If dust and dirt sit on the surfaces for a long time it will cause the items to become ruined. This is why it is recommended that you take a sheet or piece of fabric and put it over every piece of furniture that you are storing. Small items should be boxed up.

3. Polish Surfaces Before Storing

Lastly, make sure that you polish surfaces before you put them in storage. Polishing a surface isn't just for making it look nice, it also acts as a barrier between the elements and the surface. For instance, if you have a wooden table that you are storing you should polish the wood. This will help it not to expand or contract with the changes in moisture and humidity. Additionally, if dirt or dust does fall on the surface, it is less likely to become absorbed. You should polish all leather and wood surfaces.

By doing these things before you store your items you can be confident that your furniture will be safe. Visit a site like for more help.